Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well I've been asked to update, I guess it's about time. Things have really changed since the last time I've posted. So here goes:
Got our first neice Miss Madie (Love Her)
I've graduated college
Mitch got me a car for Graduation
We moved to Rexburg
I've visited 4 new States: Arizona, Georgia, Texas and California
Had my first real job at Crandall & Oseen
Mitch Started his internship at Crandall & Oseen where I was his boss
We got our Second Nephew Stryker (What Attitude)
Got my Second Real Job at MBA Construction keeping books for 3 small construction companies
Got our Third Nephew Oliver (What a chunk)
Moved back to Shelley where Mitch and I started our whole adventure.
Got my first raise within 3 weeks of starting 
Found out Nephew four is on the way, Yay Jaquel and Tyler!!!
Miss Madie turned One how time flies
Got my first Promotion within 4 months of being there
Mitch starts school soon and he will graduate in December
I know some people are looking for some kind of big announcement but no we are not having a baby yet.
We are looking forward to him being done. We will eventually get started on our Masters and becoming CPAs but we didn't have much time this summer to get all of our tests taken and our applications in. It'll come with time.
We both recently got callings, I'm 4th Sunday teacher and He's in the Sunday School Presidency. We like our ward which is nice. Hoping to stay where we are for a bit. Hopefully I'll get back into the habit of posting so that people can stay up to date on what's going on with us.