Sunday, October 4, 2009

school stinks!

Well lets be honest school is totally kicking my trash this semester it just seems like I can never get ahead and get everything done, it probably doesn't help that I'm taking to many upper level classes and not so many fun ones. I'm in an advanced writing business class and I absolutly hate it, I'm not a writer never have and I probably never will be one. Any I have to write a 15 page research paper and I feel like I am going to drown because of it. I really like my parenting class and my infant and toddler class which is funny because I'm not married and I don't have any children either, maybe I only like the classes because they don't require me to think to hard. Well this is the update for now hopefully this semester will get better and I'll get to update on something a little bit funner!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I'm taking a weight lifting class, for some reason I thought it would be fun. I was correct it is a lot of fun, all of the girls in my class are great and I have a good time, feel great about myself and have motivation to get myself to the gym in the morning. The one drawback from this class is that I work myself enough that I am sore most of the week. By the time my soreness starts going away I'm back in the gym making myself sore again. The main muscles that tend to be sore the most are my pecs which is so funny because I end up rubbing them which looks so funny because that muscle is right above well you know. Anyway living with four other girls it's always funny because they always look at me funny and respond with you went to class I see. Not only does it make me sore but it sometimes will cause me to walk funny from the soreness. I wish I could go to the gym and miss out on all of the bad repercusions. I don't think that there is a way to only gain from my actions and not pay for them. Which is to bad I think that if there was less pain involved I would probably go more often.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Great Date!

Ok so this might sound really lame but I'm okay with it. So for some who know me when read this they might understand it better than others who might not know me as well. So lets start of I dated this guy for a while before he went on his mormon mission before he left we stopped dating and I didn't really write to him because I was a little prideful and was dating others. Well I started writing to him about half-way thru his mission we wrote as friends nothing else, I would never include much about my dating life or anything like that because in my mind that was none of his business. To tell the truth I didn't think I would ever see him again or anything like that and I was fine with it, well he got back a few weeks ago. Not only did he get back a few weeks ago but he also looked me up and this surprised me I didn't expect him to. Well he asked me on a date for last night so I went. It was really strange for me just because he wasn't very proactive about dating before so for him to ask and then for him to drive the 30 or 45 min for a date was a surprise. Not only that but he had a general idea of what he was going to take me to do, which is strange with my busy dating life normally the boys ask when they pick you up "so hey what do you want to do tonight" which is so lame so a plan was nice. He took me to play pool, I'll be honest it'd been about a year since I'd played last and I'm not that good anyway but it was still fun, I lost 2 to 3 games So at least it wasn't an all out killing. It was nice to catch up and see if we had really changed or not. To tell the truth it really didn't seem like he had changed much or anything. It was really nice to not have the awkwardness of a first date or anything like that as well even though it had been two years. Then we went for a drive and got to help some other people who had gotten themselves high centered on a snowdrift. It was also nice to see that he was still willing to help those around him even though we were doing other things. It was nice, maybe there will be another date? I guess we'll find out I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Relaxing Weekend Home

Well I had a four day weekend, along with a dentist appointment back in Emmett, what a nice excuse to go home and get out of work right. So that's exactly what I did I ended up leaving earlier than I had expected and got home fairly early. It was so nice to be home early on a Friday and be able to spend Friday with my family and friends relaxing and not worrying about any of the college things. It ended up being one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in the last few months. Hardly did any homework because I did most of it prior to my trip. Spent my time doing whatever I wanted to, I didn't have an agenda, for once. Not only that but it was also Valentines day and for someone who isn't seeing someone there's no reason to be reminded of the fact that you're single so why stay somewhere where you will be reminded. So my valentines day was spent with my little sister who doesn't have a valentine either and we had dinner and watched movies together. One of the best Valentines I think I've ever had. Thanks Donda. On the other hand I'm always being told that I don't come home often enough and when I do most of my siblings decide that they don't want to be home, so just for them it's not a big thing anymore because they don't make an effort to be home there's no reason for me to come home! No I love them and wish I was still there instead of being in Rexburg where there is snow and freezing temps. Oh and of course I have my own room at home and No two roommates! Great weekend can't wait to be home for the summer in 8 long weeks!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Falling Down and Getting Up

Well in the past few weeks there has been a series of falling down, stairs mainly and sometimes in other places as well. It's not anything that is new, I fall all the time and am quit the clutz. But when you fall down the stairs twice in four hours it's pretty pathetic but to my defence the stairs at my apartment hadn't been cleared and it had snowed the night before. Those falls gave me some great bruises that lots of people thought were great. They also allowed me to get get a great massage. Those falls weren't the only ones I had you know the regular slipping on the ice and such. No it really wasn't to bad. I don't feel to bad when other people fall down the stairs as well, I felt really bad for my roommate who fell down the stairs though, she got into a car accident earlier that day and was headed back down to where it had happened to see if she could find her lisence plate and she slipped down the stairs, I was just being stupid and took someone elses trash down. Hopefully I will be able to be a little bit more stable in the future I don't need any more falls that would damage my body or even my brain!