Monday, July 20, 2015

Time Once Again

Well, I figure it's probably time once again to post something and let people know what it going on in my crazy life. Well I'll start off telling some funny not so funny stories about my child. Hope someone gets a laugh out of these stories. I'm still working on seeing the humor. I'm not sure that I posted about the beautiful couch that my husband bought for me while I was out of town well here we go. Mitch bought me a very nice couch which if we would have bought it retail probably would have cost us about $3,000. That is more money than I probably would have ever spent. Well the local furniture store was going out of business and were selling all of their things at rock bottom prices.( For those of you that know me, I purchase all of my furniture at stores that are closing. Do not let me go into any more of these stores.) Anyway so he bought me a very plush gray sectional while I was out of town, at the point in the story where this not so funny story took place we've had this couch for 3 months. I've been working on a project that required some bright blue paint. Reese my very smart child who knows how to climb onto any surface figured out how to get the small container of paint that I was using to paint out of off the counter. He proceeded to take that container into the living room and get the lid off and spill bright blue paint all over my new couch and the carpet. Luckily this was not one of the other funny stories I tell that happened while I was in the shower, I happened to be on the couch along with Mitch. Well Mitch immediately freaks out, I'm a little slower and am trying to figure out what happened. I'm grateful that Mitch is a quick thinker and immediately finds a way online to clean paint out of carpet and couches and I'm still reeling from my great luck. Then I remember our wonderful friends that let us use their carpet cleaner for another one of our wonderful stories I'll have to share another time. Well our great friends get in their vehicle and come over with their carpet cleaner and voila I have the perfect cleaning solution to get the bright blue paint out of both the carpet and couch. Remind me not to point out either places to anyone who comes to visit or if we ever sell the house or the couch. Please remind me not to leave any paint anywhere in the house in a container or not. Always remind me to never stop loving on this ever adorable little dude that I am so lucky to call my own. Not sure what I would do without him or his very handsome Daddy!!!
Well the little boy isn't napping so well so I'll have to finish my stories another time, stay tuned I'm sure to have many more stories.