Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Relaxing Weekend Home

Well I had a four day weekend, along with a dentist appointment back in Emmett, what a nice excuse to go home and get out of work right. So that's exactly what I did I ended up leaving earlier than I had expected and got home fairly early. It was so nice to be home early on a Friday and be able to spend Friday with my family and friends relaxing and not worrying about any of the college things. It ended up being one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in the last few months. Hardly did any homework because I did most of it prior to my trip. Spent my time doing whatever I wanted to, I didn't have an agenda, for once. Not only that but it was also Valentines day and for someone who isn't seeing someone there's no reason to be reminded of the fact that you're single so why stay somewhere where you will be reminded. So my valentines day was spent with my little sister who doesn't have a valentine either and we had dinner and watched movies together. One of the best Valentines I think I've ever had. Thanks Donda. On the other hand I'm always being told that I don't come home often enough and when I do most of my siblings decide that they don't want to be home, so just for them it's not a big thing anymore because they don't make an effort to be home there's no reason for me to come home! No I love them and wish I was still there instead of being in Rexburg where there is snow and freezing temps. Oh and of course I have my own room at home and No two roommates! Great weekend can't wait to be home for the summer in 8 long weeks!!

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