Saturday, February 7, 2009

Falling Down and Getting Up

Well in the past few weeks there has been a series of falling down, stairs mainly and sometimes in other places as well. It's not anything that is new, I fall all the time and am quit the clutz. But when you fall down the stairs twice in four hours it's pretty pathetic but to my defence the stairs at my apartment hadn't been cleared and it had snowed the night before. Those falls gave me some great bruises that lots of people thought were great. They also allowed me to get get a great massage. Those falls weren't the only ones I had you know the regular slipping on the ice and such. No it really wasn't to bad. I don't feel to bad when other people fall down the stairs as well, I felt really bad for my roommate who fell down the stairs though, she got into a car accident earlier that day and was headed back down to where it had happened to see if she could find her lisence plate and she slipped down the stairs, I was just being stupid and took someone elses trash down. Hopefully I will be able to be a little bit more stable in the future I don't need any more falls that would damage my body or even my brain!

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