Thursday, July 21, 2011

Graduation Seriously

Yo Yo Just thought I'd let all you know out there I'm graduating tomorrow. Finally I know it's taken 5 years holy cow. Anyway REALLY excited and looking forward to it. And my Super Cool Husband is pretty much the best, Guess what my Graduation Present was..........A Car! I know right how cool, who would have thought I would have been rewarded with a car. Anyway on to something new, I had to have an exit interview with one of my professors it was really funny. He told me before I left his office that I had a really nice personality and that he liked my disposition in life. Who would have thought that a teacher would have paid that much attention to who I really am, I guess people are really watching what I do ( without me really knowing it). Alright well I have to make dinner now so I'm signing off, but YAY for tomorrow can't wait. Oh except that I have one more test to take..... Boo.

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