Monday, November 7, 2011


Just in case any of you have been wondering what we've been up to this weekend here's an update.
Friday was date night, I love date night especially when it is just Mitch and I. I got to pick him up from work and we went and got street tacos from Morenitas.

I can't say they were the best I've ever had but they come in a second to the taco wagon in Emmett. Then we went home where Mitch watched a F-Game and I think I read my book. I know you're probably thinking that's not much of a date but with it snowing outside we really didn't want to spend the night out and then have to drive home in the snow.

It snowed I know I just said it up there but it did snow. Not very much I might add, but this meant that I got to spend the day inside doing things that should have been done a long time ago such as fixing the shower door which has had a problem since we moved in. But it finally got done. The other problem we were hoping to fix didn't get fixed because we apparently don't know how to turn off the water to anything. Say what????? Yeah I know how lame. Oh well I guess that is just one more thing the Landlord will have to fix himself.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to attend Stake Conference. It's not often that I really enjoy what the speakers have to say but I really did enjoy it. I think I even payed attention the whole time. We had the opportunity to listen to Elder Baxter(he's from Scotland)

so yeah he had an awesome accent and he spoke about how true the gospel is and how it doesn't really matter what we do in our church and if it is different than other churches. For example just to clear that last statement up he was talking about how some churches have issues with us doing Baptisms for the dead, his comment is that they shouldn't care because if this church isn't true than the baptisms were for nothing and their church doesn't need to worry about it. Along with some other very funny things that were said for instance coming from Sister Baxter. I quote her "Sometimes it's enough to just touch the scriptures, the Lord knows when you don't have the energy to read." Not that that means we shouldn't read the scriptures because we should but how right she is the Lord knows what kind of a day we have had and the struggles we had, and he will accept our efforts no matter what they are. But once again we should read our scriptures.

Something else that I did this weekend was watch Sister Wives.

I got sucked into this show and I know that it's not really appropriate but I wonder what they are thinking living their lives the way they do. How can they use the Book Of Mormon to justify the way they live their lives. I just don't get it but I guess they find something in it to make it ok. They also use the LDS Hymn book, I don't see how they feel good about using the LDS material and doing things that the LDS don't think are right. I guess most religions have some truth in them just not all, but for the father to have been LDS and been through the temple and on a mission how could he have missed some of the very vital principle that we stand for? For him to have taught others the gospel and then come home and say oh wait it's not true. Something had to have happened for that big change in thought. Alright well I'm done with that for the moment.

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