Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Canned and More!!!!

Just thought I'd give everyone a little update on what has been going on around here.
Yeah I know right, who thought that I could actually do it.  On the left you can see peaches, middle peach pit jelly ( I know you are probably wondering what that is, if it is any good I'll post a recipe) and on the right you will see pears. I won't lie pears aren't my favorite but I'm hoping that I'll start to like them and if nothing else it will be good for Reese when he starts eating solids.
I do have more pears, but I have discovered that it takes a lot longer to accomplish things when you have a baby. I'll get more done hopefully tomorrow morning before I head to pick grapes for grape juice.
I'll also tell you about my week last week. Well my office called me in and asked me to work, so I spent some time at work. Can I tell you how much I cried just thinking about leaving my baby. I can't believe that it starts next week. I'm dreading it. 
All Mitch and I have been talking about is finding a way for me to stay home. I think within the next year we'll make it happen. 
I know in a previous post I wrote about how my office was moving to Texas and how we had decided not to make that move. Well apparently while I've been on maternity leave they decided that my job would not be leaving and that I would be sticking around. That's a good thing for now, we'll see how it goes. 
We've also purchased a new table to fit our new space and our larger family.
Thanks to my mom who helped haggle our way down to an acceptable price, we finally have a table where we can have more than two people over for dinner.
This is a poor picture but it's what I've got.
I know it doesn't look to big in this picture but we have another leaf that is hidden in the closet.
So if anyone wants dinner come on over!!!
 I'll probably post more after I get all the pears done and the grape juice.

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