Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our New Addition

I said I would post about our new little addition so here it is.

I sure do love this little guy!!!
I wasn't planning on putting much of the birth story on here, I'm not sure how much people really want to know about it so I'll try to be as informative without going to far with it.
So here we go, I tried putting myself into labor for a good week in a half before we actually got to meet Reese, to no avail. Reese did not want to come on his own. From running stairs, stripping my membrane, walking miles and going to the county fair, and after all of the contractions I was having on my own he was not coming out. After waiting 3 days after my original due date the DR. said that's enough we'll induce you.
On Friday morning we arrived at the hospital, got settled in and started in with getting hooked up to all the machines and drugs. I'll just say it took way to long to get to a point where anything exciting was happening. After 10 hours of waiting I was finally at a point were we could start pushing. 
2 hours later after pushing we received this cute little boy!!
After about another hour of stitches ( I figure that's enough information on that) I finally got to enjoy the time with Mitch, Reese, My Mom and Mitch's Mom. Reese's other Grandparents and most of his Aunts and Uncle's and Cousins came to see us that night as well.
After a long day with no food I sure was grateful for the burgers, french fries and a cold soda.
We spent the next two nights at the hospital, we had many visitors and felt so loved.
Mitch has been worried about whether he was going to be a good dad or not from the time that we found out we were having a baby, but he was so good and continues to be a good dad. Reese is so lucky to have him as a dad.
We were really lucky to have my Mom (Grandma Jensen) come and stay with us for 2 whole weeks. I'm so glad that she was here to help me figure out how to take care of Reese, especially those sleepless nights right when we brought Reese home and he wanted to be awake in the middle of the night. Or when I took Reese to the DR. to have his circumcision and I cried like a baby. 
Now that my mom is gone I've done just fine so I'm told but like most women and new mom's I doubt myself sometimes ( I get in quite a bit of trouble by Mitch). Despite my self doubt, Reese seems to be pretty happy so I guess I can't be doing to bad. 

Here are a few pictures of our Little Boy!!!

 We've even got one with his Cousin Kruse!!
Kruse had a hard time keeping his hands off Reese but it looks like in this one he succeeded.

People always say that you never loved someone so much until you have a baby of your own, it sure is true. I Love Mitch but the love that I have for Reese is different than the love that I have for Mitch. 
Don't know what I would do without him!!!!

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