Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Protect the Family

Not to bad, I've got another post for March. Say Hay!!!
Well might as well give you an update on life right now, been a little busy. Especially since Mitch is still in the middle of tax season and I am still a say at home mom. My days are spent entertaining Reese and maintaining the house, which is no small feat if you've seen my house or spent the day with my child. Reese lost his basketball somewhere in the house, it's been three weeks, he was driving Mitch and I crazy crying about it. Alright Mitch and Reese were driving me crazy as they cried about it. Well I finally broke down and bought both of them new basketballs. Yay for me, maybe I'll have some sanity.

 Despite that Ashley Fay had her third child, my fourth nephew, Conrad Neeley. Such a cute little boy, got to spend a little time with Ashley and her cute family shortly after she returned home.
But now on to something that has been dominating my mind this morning. Maybe some of you will think that this is stupid, but it's been bothering me. I'm having a hard time with the government telling me how to raise my child. For example, in the news I have heard about the government deciding that if they don't like the choice that the parent makes they will take the child away from the parents and enforce upon the child what they deem fit. I know that this has been happening in the medical world, but I have heard of it happening elsewhere as well. I'm also bothered by the lack of care on the part of some parents. For example, with the recent car seat recall, there really isn't anything wrong with the car seat. The only problem with the car seat is the parents, the parents lack of monitoring and taking care of the car seat (checking for cleanliness and making sure it was in operating order). Why should it be the fault of the car seat manufacturer to replace parts when the parents aren't capable of cleaning up after their child. That I think is a little sad, as I was doing some studying I ran across a talk "Moral Values and Rewards" by Royden G. Derrick.
 "The teachers in church and in school should be allies of the parents in teaching children appropriate values that will guide them throughout their lives. The home should be a laboratory of learning, where these values, and more sensitive ones too, are inculcated into the lives of family members through daily experiences. Then the three work in harmony to fulfill parental responsibility.
Unfortunately, today many societies in the world do not place sufficient importance upon the home and the family."
Just some food for thought, this talk was given in 1981, how sad that things have only gotten worse. I hope that we will be able pick up some pieces and start caring enough to stand up for them and protect them in all things, safety, medically, and spiritually more than anything. Stand up for the family and what the family stands for.  

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