Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

I'm going to share a story with you about how funny kids are and how they don't understand how things work. 
To set the stage Mitch and I were and his moms house for the day on Saturday. When we got there there were a few kids there
1. Conner, our nephew 6
2. Tanisha, someone my mother-in-law takes to church every Sunday 10
3,4 Cole and his twin brother, his name slips my mind, 5
The boys were going crazy and started chasing Mitch around and shooting him with candy, while Tanisha was in the kitchen helping Julie make sugar cookies and frosting the cookies. During the course of conversation with Julie, Mitch's mom, and Tanisha the topic of Tara, Mitch's sister, came up. Tara is pregnant at the moment and is extremely hormonal and moody, who can blame her right. Anyway we got to talking about how her child is going to be just like the boys who are running around and Julie said well yours will be the same way. Tanisha not really knowing what tense Julie was speaking in says, Julie both your kids are having kids. I soon corrected her and we went on with the conversation. A few minutes later Tanisha asked me so why don't you have kids yet, I tried to explain to her that we haven't been married that long and her response was doesn't Mitch want a kid someday. I told her to ask him thinking he would say yes just not yet. His response was NO. She was a little disappointed with that answer, not understanding that he was a little consumed with being chased, having candy launched at him, being beaten with foam swords and didn't think that he just at the moment he didn't want kids. A few hours later, while we were sitting down enjoying a few of those sugar cookies and chatting some more, Tanisha making sure Mitch isn't sitting by me continues to tell me how much she likes me and how fun I was. She looks over at Mitch sitting on the other couch saying you should put a baby in her belly. How funny, like she understands that it just doesn't happen like that. Anyway that was my funny moment of the day on Saturday

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