Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's start with the Couch and Move to the Break in!

Ok well I took that picture like I told you I would. It's really getting me excited to get me to move back to our own place so that we can use it for real and have it where we want it to be.
 Anyway so excited about this couch it looks so much better than our old ones.

Alright on to the next piece of news, we were robbed a few weeks ago, we kept pretty quiet about it at the time so that people wouldn't be to worried and ask to many questions. Now it's out of our system we feel like we can share it without others being worried about it.  Alright here goes, I get a text from Mitch one afternoon, and it reads "we were broken into" I thought he was joking and responded with a very sarcastic "no way" after those initial texts it went further. Yes we were broken into and he'd been trying to get a hold of me for a few hours. Apparently while Mitch was at school and I was at work someone kicked in our door.

Mitch got home from school, walked up the back stairs and noticed that the door isn't closed. He walked in the door and looked around to see if anything big was missing and didn't see anything missing and goes into the bedroom to find that only one thing was missing. It was our plastic coke bottle bank that we had gotten on our honeymoon (of all things to have taken something we got on our honeymoon). He went back outside and called the police, long story shorter we had to get our door replaced along with an added deadbolt, we don't have a piggy bank, and the lights get left on whenever we leave the house.

Hopefully that will never happen again!

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