Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Chapter

Just thought I'd update everyone on what's been going on lately. I just started my internship today, it was quite the experience. I've never started a job where I showed up and they handed me a pile of paper work and said get to it, and I'm not just talking about new employee paperwork. I'm talking about here's the information get started, no instructions or new employee orientation or anything just go. It was a little bit daunting but I got through it and did 2 I say two tax returns and worked on another 2. I hope I'm figuring it out. Let's see what else has been going on well about 3 weeks ago someone broke into our house, for anyone who didn't know we are living in Mitch's grandparents house. It was quite the experience to have someone break down your door and go through your things and take what they wanted without anyone being home to stop it. But we made out fine they only took our piggy bank, when they could have taken our tv or wii, no they just wanted money. Oh and one more bit of knowledge to share with you guys, I just got accepted to go to school during the summer so I will be finishing this July. BRING IT ON! And finally Mitch is taking classes right now and is doing good in his classes, he just took a test last Saturday and didn't think he did very good but I checked his score for him and he did better than any of his study group and better than he thought. He's so smart!!!

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