Thursday, February 10, 2011


Any of you ever done zumba before? Well I've been going since we moved to Ririe, and let me tell you it's quite the workout especially if you're coordinated enough to get all of the foot movements and the hand motions down. Anyway, I didn't think I really wanted to go it's been a super long day and I kinda just wanted to relax. But instead my friend Kristin called and talked me into going along with Mitch saying your going so that I would get out of his hair, so that he could get some of his homework done. Which makes me wonder if he even did it, he was in the same position as he was when I left. Back to zumba, who came up with it and who thought about choreographing it to hip hop and pop music, I'm pretty sure that I wasn't meant to dance and if I was I should have started long before now. Oh well makes me feel good and get to see some friendly faces. Hope everyone else is having success with their cardio workouts.

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