Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Place

Well it's almost official we have found a new place. YAY!! I'm pretty excited it's super cute, all painted and has cute little touches and lots of storage. We looked at the place on Monday evening and jumped at the thought of living there and here it's only Thursday and it's ours we'll sign our lease this weekend or on Monday not sure what the Man's plans for the weekend are but I'm excited to make it my own and start decorating. I've got some work to do, bought an old dresser that needs some work and needs to be painted and I think that I'm also going to paint our headboard and foot board so that they match the dresser. Still need to figure out how I want to do it and what color (Our bedroom will be sage green, any suggestions).  I think that the other thing that has been going on is that I had to go to the doctor yesterday no fun. Last week I bumped my hand on a door frame and it caused a viscous cyst and to my dislike the Man wouldn't hit the top of my hand with a book. I also asked several of my old coworkers to  do the same and they wouldn't either which is strange since several of them have been to prison for violence. Anyway go to the doctor and find out what's wrong and he says most people just take a hard book and hit their hand with it, I would have just come home and had the Man do it but if he wouldn't do it the first time why would he do it the second time I ask. So instead I just had the doctor take a needle and poke it so that it popped, it looks worse now than it did before and hurts more too. I should have just taken it into my own hands, instead of going to the doctor.

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